Denver Water Damage Repair


Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

When a fire erupts inside your building, the firefighting team will use the water and foam in extinguishing it. The excessive amount of water will make you feel like a flood hits your building except that the smoke and fire residues in everything around.

The fire damage restoration process is somewhat similar to the water damage restoration process. Here the added thing is damage caused by fire and smoke. It is advised that you don’t take things in your hand because of the lack of experience and absence of the latest technology will make you leave the important places. You will destroy your health and the health of people around you in the building. You will also make the whole facility compromised to the mold creation and bacteria build-up by not taking the most important measures.

Restoration Process

It begins with the call. When you call Denver Water Damage Repair, you receive a swift response, and our team reaches your location in the least time possible.

Important Measures

The next important measure is to cut the power of the building if it is still on. It can pose severe damage to the lives of technicians and residents of the building. The next benefit of this step is that your electrical equipment will remain safe when you don’t receive live electricity, and you will not have to buy the whole product all over again.

Water Extraction

Just like flood restoration, the fire restoration process also requires the water to be evacuated from the facility. You don’t want your floor and furniture to get more water damage, which was used dot extinguish the fire and is now lying on the floor.

Our team comes with robust industrial-grade vacuum cleaners that work nonstop in extracting all the water from the area. Gasoline generators provide an uninterrupted power supply to the devices, and you get all the water carried out within minutes.

Drying and Cleaning

No matter the reason for the fire inside, the water and foam have also caused damage to the areas where the fire couldn’t reach yet. This damage can be mitigated if professional practices and scientific methods are used following the situation and inventory. Our team comes with a robust heater that only focuses on water and does not cause any damage to your property and inventory for drying the area.

The areas that have absorbed water and moisture are the ticking bombs that will suddenly erupt mold and compromise every individual’s health. You cannot register these wet areas with the naked eye. Our technicians use scientific methods and modern equipment in identifying those areas, and heaters dry out all the absorbed water and save your health hand property from future damage.

Primer and Paint

When all the affected areas are repaired by utilizing effective and lasting measures, the primer’s net thing, which hides the signs of fire and smoke, and paint makes everything new once again.

Carpet and Furniture Restoration

The final step is to clean the carpets and rugs without damaging the yarn and texture. The furniture is restored to its former glory for applying the final touch and completing the restoration process.

Fire Smoke Damage Restoration Denver Repair Removal Cleanup Service. Our company provides emergency fire smoke damage restoration.