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Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

People install fire sprinkles in commercial buildings and educational facilities where more people and valuable equipment and inventory are placed. These sprinklers are made from the state of the art technology, and they run on the mechanism of heat-sensitive sensors. When these sensors register heat, they allow all the water inside the pipes to sprinkle and shower on the fire that has caused heat in that area.

Some sprinklers go to the next level and are triggered by registering smoke around them. When smoke reaches the sensors, all the water rushes down and extinguishes the fire that has caused some. In this way, most of the valuable property is saved even when there was the smallest flame.

Fire Sprinkler Disadvantage

There are many advantages of sprinklers, and the most famous and important is it saves your property from fire, and you end up saving thousands of dollars. But this protective measure also backfires, and you have to face dire consequences.

In case of a fire sprinkler malfunction, all the electrical equipment, books, inventory, furniture, and carpets get fully submerged in the rain like water. Some of the things reach collateral damage where there is no chance for you to get them repaired.

Denver Water Damage Repair technicians not only take care of all the water and damaged inventory, but we also provide you the lasting measures that help you save from future incidents that involve water sprinkler malfunction future.

Reasons for the Malfunction

Following are the reasons that can cause your powerful cannon to backfire and destroy the very property which they were assigned to guard:

Rusty Pipes

All the pipes are not filled with water in the fire sprinkler mechanism. When you have half of the pipe filled with air and half with water, this is the most favorable rust and corrosion condition. The rust makes the pipe weak, and when it gets weak, it allows all the water to rain down and ruin your property.

Our expert technicians have found out the way, and they fill these pipes with nitrogen. The absence of oxygen and abundant nitrogen stops the corrosion and prevent any such damaging incident in the future.

Cigarette and Heater

These are the factors which only you can take care of. When someone smokes a cigarette under a smoke sensor, it is the spark to ignite the heavy rainfall on all the things under the roof. A heater is also the same thing that can bring total devastation and cause havoc. In commercial settings, people should be educated and be aware of the consequences of their actions.

Outside Heat and Rising Temperature

When the outside temperature rises in summer, it will make everything absorb heat, and in return, the temperature will rise of all the things placed inside the building. If the sensor registers enough heat or itself gets cooked, it will start eh chain reaction, and you will end up getting wet from the artificial rain of your protecting device.

Low Temperature

Just like high temperature, the low temperature is also dangerous for these sensors. If ice freezes around the sensor when it will thaw, it will create a short circuit to start the water sprinkler and ruin everything inside.

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