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Emergency Mitigation

Emergency mitigation is also called disaster mitigation. This process involves taking protective measures in any kind of disaster or emergency. The disaster or emergency doesn’t always need to be the natural one. You can also take mitigating measures in case of a non-natural calamity.

There are various factors and reasons that can damage your property in case of a natural calamity.

Natural Disaster

These are the situation which you cannot control at all. But some effective measures can surely minimize the amount of damage and restoration bill.

Flood Mitigation

When there is a flood warning, you can take measures to protect your property from the damage by floodwater. Some steps and measures help you minimize the damage that can affect the building. These steps help save your property from collateral damage, and you can save thousands of dollars in your restoration bill once the water has gone.

Sand Bagging

The years-old technique still provides the most effective and results till now. When you take the news seriously and look for the exact amount of water level, you will be able to know the exact amount of bags you need and how much height you should go if you want to save your property from the hazardous water.

Sealing the Basement

This measure is required for the building, which has a basement, and the entrance is near the ground level. If the floodwater reaches your basement, the first thing which you will get is the clogged drain. The debris in the water will clog the drain, and all the water will trap inside the basement. The next thing will be the damage to your equipment and inventory.

Flood water damage in the basement makes it extremely difficult for you to restore the equipment and inventory to its former glory. Our expert technicians take care of the entrance and seal all the ways, which will allow the flood water to go inside and cause havoc.

Hail storm and Heavy Rain Mitigation

If you think a hail storm and heavy rain will not cause any damage to your property, the puddle in the living room and dripping roof in the bedroom will destroy all of your claims, and you will have to lose faith in your guessing expertise. Stop the guesswork and call our expert technicians to make analysis and identify the week spots that can damage your property in case of heavy rain. Our technicians take care of your windows. Their seals and shingles are also taken care of in case you haven’t notice any sign of replacing them.

Non-natural Calamity

The most common non-natural calamity is the fire in your adjacent building. This fire can reach your area without any prior warning. If you see that some substantial amount of time has passed and the fire is still out of control, it is now time to take protective measures to save your property from the potential damage from the adjacent building. Our expert technicians provide you lasting measures that withstand fire and save your property from becoming ash and mixed to dust

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