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Structural Drying

This is not the simple cleaning process where all the water is extracted, and you are left to wait for all the remaining water to get dried, and you start your routine once again. When your property is suffered by floodwater, regardless of the cause, whether natural or human-made, the drying needs more than you can even think of.

When your house or commercial building is hit by water, and it stays on your floor for some time, you need Structural Drying to get everything back to the position as it once was. For this, you need a certified team with state-of-the-art equipment and scientific methods in providing you the most satisfying service and saving your health and property from future damage.

Structural Drying Process

The structural drying is more than merely taking out all the water and cleaning the building. This process focuses on saving your property from mold and Bactria build in the future, which can harm the people inside the building. It also saves your property from humidity and moisture that can cause swollen areas and ruin the whole presentation of the walls and other areas inside. It can also invite termite or fungus, and you might have to suffer the most devastating loss of your lifetime.

The process begins with the following:

Call our Team

When you call our Denver Water Damage Repair team, you get a swift response, and our expert technicians arrive at the location in the least time possible with all the necessary equipment and gadgets.

Water Removal

After taking the protective measures and analyzing the situation, the next thing is to take out all the water from the building. Our industrial-grade vacuum cleaners can even work on gasoline generators for non-stop working and taking the last drop out from the surface. Quick water removal from the building is essential for the area. Because if you don’t take swift actions, water can penetrate deep inside, and you might have to face the consequences in the future.


This step starts after all the water has been extracted from the floor. Now it is time to use the heaters and other devices to make all the remaining water leave the area. If this step is not taken seriously, the water will seep in the deepest place, and you will have to suffer the dire consequences. Within weeks after a flood in your building, you will have to bear swelling on the wooden floor, and mold creation must be in affected areas.


When you have used modern equipment to identify the moist areas and evaporate all the water by using modern devices, it is time to dehumidify the air. It is required to clean the water droplets from the air from reaching them to the other places and cause the same damage as we have tried to save you from.

Maintaining Temperature Inside

When you are working to dehumidify the inside area, warmer air with continuous airflow will make things more efficient and productive for the team and save the dollars from adding to the bill.

Final Note

For structural drying, always call expert, certified, and trained technicians to make things safe from future damage. An inexperienced team will cost you more money, and you will have to suffer dire consequences in the future.

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