Denver Water Damage Repair


Home Restoration

When your home suffers from water damage, there are many things at stake that are currently out of sight from your eyes. Whenever there is an emergency water situation in your home, you need an expert team who knows the protocol necessary for saving lives and mitigating the damage. The next thing is modern equipment and scientific methods for managing the events in the most professional ways. Finally, the expert analysis and the most affordable and efficient plan for restoring your home to its former glory.

Denver Water Damage Repair and Restoration Process

The restoration process requires a certified team and modern equipment to provide you with the most satisfying restoration services. The process begins with the following:

Emergency Response

Our expert technicians are standing by and responsive to your call in taking care of the water damage emergency. If your home has been hit with fire, the aftermath will look like water damage as the team had to fight fire with water and foam. Both the scene of water damage and fire damage have resembling consequences, and except for two to three steps, both the processes are almost the same. Our team has certified knowledge in providing you the highest level of standardized services in your home restoration.

Life and Property Saving Measures

 If your house is hit by water or fire, the first two things that can save your life and people around and everything inside are to cut the main power supply and shut off the primary water line. In this way, you will save thousands of dollars in the restoration process. If you were unable to do so by some means, our expert technicians would do these two things on the first instance after reaching your location to mitigate the damage.

Expert Analysis and Restoration Plan

Without an expert and keen eye, you cannot mitigate the damage caused by water. Once the power supply and mail lines are taken care of now, it’s time to start implementing the plan right away. Every member of our team knows what duties and important operations to perform in mitigating the damage and restoring the home in the least time possible are.

Water Extraction

Water is the essential thing in your home, but when it reaches the places where it shouldn’t suppose to be, the consequences can be devastating. Our expert technicians start water extraction right away to save your furniture and home from further damage. It is not the age of mop and bucket. Our industrial-grade vacuum pumps run on gasoline and take out all the water within the least time possible.

Drying and De-humidification

The state of the art equipment and modern technology helps our expert technicians dry the difficult to reach areas. And the places which have soaked water and seem dry can cause mold after some time. The modern equipment helps in finding the humid areas, and modern heaters help in drying those areas.

Repair and Restore

The next step involves cleaning and repairing all the affected areas, carpets, and furniture to make them the same.

Final Touch

Then come the primer and paint for restoring all the affected areas and restoring your home to its former glory.

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